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Sounds a bit out of context count down to count down. That's what the haps is though. It's been a four-teen month learning curve for myself. A roller coaster ride of monumental emotional landslides for some, myself included.  Miss begotten understandings of things that don't exist and forgotten memories of things that are. There are times when a vision unveils itself on it's own. You may have set things in motion, but. If it is to be? It is going to take off and run by itself. Once you have all the pieces to the puzzle, they go together.

One sack of redi-mix at a time and Roland is going to see that skate park. One piece at a time and KPFN 105.1 will go "On-Air". We have been collecting pieces for quite some time now. Our tower got delivered today as did our internet package and all it's soft ware. Every little piece is a dream coming true. For many years I dreamed about building and operating  a radio station here in Laytonville. Rock star Ray Colby and I built a building that now houses KUHN in Golden Meadow LA. for the United Houma Nation that came real close to becoming extinct after Katrina and Rita ripped Louisiana a new back side.

The building sat empty for three years until a group of volunteers from seven different countries got together and finished what Ray and I and others built. They finally turned into a radio station and are now broadcasting and saving lives. Which ultimately, is what community grass roots radio is all about. In KPFN's mission statement. It declares that ,"We are dedicated to improving the content of entertainment programming through music". This is a mission worth carrying out, worth setting in motion and following through not just for the betterment of entertainment and music. But as I said earlier. It's about saving lives and bringing a community together with a voice of their own in this world. Whether or not a community as a whole decides to exercise  that right or not. At least now, we will have that "Voice" in the air waves, in the world.  Where there was no choice before. Laytonville was silent. No more. KPFN has acquired all the pieces to the puzzle.

Now that I have said that, I'm sure there is something we are going to need, continually I am sure. I can not begin to thank the powers that be at the Craw-Fish coordinators table. Who ever "They" are. So many beautiful people who believed in a dream as well and went for it. That's who "They" are. They are also the ones who helped us secure our place in the great elctro-magnetic high way above us called KPFN 105.1, Stay tuned. We begin our count down to "ON-AIR"in two weeks.

Thanks Laytonville, your the ones making this happen. I'm just a volunteer.
peace/Kevin Marsh 

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