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Devastation Surroundeth & A Busy Scanner


Over two weeks of raging forest fires,bi-weekly community up-dates from every official in California. Laytonville's population tripled over night it seems.The grocers in the area are doing their best to keep the shelves with something on them and all the motels are booked. We had six adults,one infant and six cats the first night of Leggett's mandatory evacuation, at our place. The second night a couple were able to get help with the animals by Red Cross and the center set up at Leggett High School.

The first couple days of this, the scanners were literally on fire themselves with all the action over the air waves. Radio is an extremely valuable entity in a situation like this.The KMUD staff and personel have done a fabulous job on keeping everyone in this community in the know of what they should be. Thanks! The Mendocino Co. Sheriff's office, NOAA, Jim Shields of the Laytonville Water District along with our own Vol.Fire Dept and all the Cal-Fire people, have done a stupendous job on not just keeping us safe and informed, but, each one has stopped and taken the time to listen to each and every person's concern. No matter if it's the concerned safety of a pet rat left behind or a million dollar mansion being threatened. They actually care and are personally concerned for the health and welfare of every little concern of each member of this community. It matters and it shows.


These are real people with homes and families of their own some where. You stop and talk to these folks in the market or on the street and it's like you have known them forever.

Motorola is big with fire fighters. That is their main source of communication. The radios they wear as part of their equipment  are not cheap either. A" Bear Cat" runs around a thousand bucks each, not counting the battery. Most of these guys, thanks to cut backs every where, probably have purchased these radio's with their own money! Also with all the state regulated fire protection gear they wear. Again,most of these folks have paid for it out of their own pockets. Helmet, boots, oxygen, gloves and undergarments with radio and hand tools. Each person out there has possibly spent, with training they paid for as well, could be well over 10 grand in cash. They volunteered to come out here and fight our fires! Pretty dedicated, hard core folks. Big up, big up!

Communication of the proper information is the name of the game and radio provides just that. All kinds of radio's. Long live radio!
Thanks Laytonville,were getting close,real close.
Kevin Marsh/Director/KPFN

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