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     This kind of blows me out...like entirely. Three years of non-stop music, news & information from KPFN 105.1-lp FM. I gotta give it up  to all of our programmers and underwriters for all they do.  Live community radio.  Simple enough and then again not some times, but definitely a labor of love for all involved to keep it going.  It has been a while since any updates so I will try and keep things in the now.

    To mark our three years on the air we have the Mermen coming back this Saturday, the 12th of May.  I like to think folks have seen the posters Roland Spence did.  Fantastic job Roland.   If any one knows the shift in the economy recently it's KPFN as well as most everyone else around here, we'll make it, all of us.  No fancy VIP packages this time around but still the same fantastic talent KPFN is known for.  15-20 $'s at the door, nobody will get turned away. We want everyone to be able to afford to get in, have a great dinner and a few libations and experience one of the most historically fantastic surf rock fusion bands in the world. Seriously folks. When it comes to the roots of your very California soul, you need to see this band to know where you came from, and if your not from here? You need to know where your at.

     The event marks our third year on the air & for the last two years, it's been on the same weekend as the May Feed. Not this year. We purposely moved our event a week early to give everyone a chance to experience this band & the May Feed. Edible Earth will be providing a delicious meal & non-alcoholic drinks with Draft Punks craft beer as well. Wine as well I would imagine, you know.  Also on the bill is one of the greatest bands in Northern California for over 20 years, Ray-N-the Reveleers.  A new working group in the area appearing as well is a local duo (at times a 3 piece), StrawBerry Smog.  SS will also be appearing at the Summer Arts and Music Festival.

    KPFN has been asked by a couple of groups to table political information, environmental issues and personal. We have to decline all the above at this time, this is not a political, statistical or a personal event for any one group in that manner. Please, we thank you all for understanding. This is a celebration of surviving on the airwaves for three years and the beautiful support of this community & bringing attention also to Laytonville Skate Park & Long Valley Dance, who will have booths there as well.

We are currently upgrading our web site thanks to Eric Kaplan and working on getting our archives up and running as well.  We have several new shows and programmers I want to welcome to the Puffin, I'll try and shout out everyone at the gig this Saturday.  Again, we like to think you will all get a chance to catch this band and help us celebrate just being alive...Thanks Laytonville...thank you all so much.

Kevin Marsh/vol.@KPFN "The Puffin" 105.1 lp FM

Laytonville's original radio station

May 10th, 2018