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Don't know how many of you listened to KMUD this Monday morning. They had a fairly decent interview with Long John and Harold Day of Long Valley Communications on. Was great to hear they got everything filed in time before the window closed Nov.15th. Historic window of opportunity for those of us who got in. This may never happen again. Something like 6,000 applications got filed in one month.

Anyway, I turned on the radio about the time someone said" We invited Kevin on the show"  I looked and the machine was flashing. They invited me on just after the show began. Someone said they sent me an E mail.But it never came. Oh well. I do want to clear a misconception that Long John relayed over the air. "Rock" is not  our main genre of music that will be featured. There will be programs for that but not exclusively. Imagine jazz-blues-fusion peppered with hints of rock. Get a good dictionary and look up the word "Jass". It is an entirely different genre based on the saxophone. Actually,it's played with "two" saxophones at the same time. There are so many world beats and different genre's to be recognized,simple "rock" is very generic.


Another misconception relayed was that Bella Opus has been working with Prometheus. We have not.We have sub-contracted with Nexus broadcasting of Mt. Vernon,TX. Leo Ashcraft,please google them and check them out. I personally worked with Prometheus  when I built the building that houses a radio station in Houma LA. I did not build the station. I built the building that houses it. Bella Opus is taking shape,slowly,which is in our favor. Reason being. A news dept. Oh,I've found people with journalism background and all that. Plenty of folks out there with pedigree's. As soon as I mention that we will not be broadcasting the usual nightly dreggs they feel they can't uphold the format. That being. All we are going to report on is "good news" Story's about people's accomplishments and reaching goals,making there dreams come true. Nothing about man's degredation and failures night after night. Amy Goodman is even a drag to listen to.

All we will report on is Good,positive,uplifting news of the day. I've talked to reporters that claim it's not out there. Well I say BS. There's a lot of good still in this world and we are going to find it and report it to you. Thanks Laytonville,your the best,just,simply the best.
Kevin Marsh/Bella Opus

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