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One More Time, KPFN Testing


First and foremost I have to start this by thanking Jim N Jayma  at the Observer  for allowing KPFN the platform to stay in touch with YOU. You the readers of the Observer are KPFN's future listeners. If you so decide that is. That right there is what KPFN is really about, more than anything. We are a "choice". Something else to choose from on the radio menu of life. There are many stations that come in clear enough to listen to here in Laytonville. None of them are from Laytonville, or about Laytonville or for that matter. Have absolutely nothing to do with Laytonville. Well, that's all KPFN is about. In, For and About everything that has anything to do with Laytonville. And from attending and recording the Winter concert the other night at the band room in the old High school. It's TALENT. Alright, talent is what Laytonville is all about.

We have the best and the brightest young adults in the world coming through our school doors day in and day out. Each and everyone of them are seriously packed full of talent. In some form or another. Look at the  mock trial kids. They have finished at the top far and above any school in the state for 10-15 years straight. The singers and dancers and musicians that live here is staggering in the per capita realm of averages.

We breed thinkers and doers that literally shine in a world of illiteracy and stupidity that waste away in a  world of ignorance. Not Laytonville kids. They shine baby, they shine.O.K. back to the beginning. I get going on the kids around here and I'll go for ever. I appreciate everyone who actually did go to the dial on the radio this weekend and tune to 105.1. Strong static eh. Not what we were after. And you know. Most folks would never go to the extent of keeping you informed as I have. After all this time, I feel you need to know as much as anyone else directly associated with the station. You are 50 % of everything we are doing. Your the ones "listening" , to the "sounds" we are making, or will make. So, the way I look at it, your as much a part of this ( in my world ) as I am.


We had some major tower issues. Actually, it was an issue. Singular as in only one issue. Simply weighs a lot more than we had anticipated. Not the weight of the tower itself. The "pull" weight from the angle we were pulling from was quite a bit more than we had calculated. We had it off the ground 3-4 feet and shut it down because we were puling the truck with the wench forward. Not a problem or a huge issue to deal with. It just takes time.To re-rig, re-sheave and block all takes time.  Everything is being done by a group of volunteers that all take time off from their regular jobs and come over to help. Then back to work. I want to thank their employers. For allowing them to do so. It's not everywhere you hear some thing like. "Hey boss, can I take an hour off this morning to go help a buddy raise a tower for a radio station". And the boss says. "Yeah sure, lets all take a break and go help". I love this town. So, lets try again this weekend and again. Every now and then just turn to 105.1 and see if we've cracked the sky yet.peace. Kevin Marsh/KPFN "the Puffin"

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