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KPFN 105.1 Fall/Winter Schedule 2014/15


Seeing as how Winter begins in a month or so, we may roll with a winter/spring schedule instead. Most all our programmers are happy with where they are and the line up before and after. We will be awaiting all the calls and letters from our listeners letting us know how they feel about things. The FCC mandates that all LP-FM stations, as well as others, have what is called a" Community Advisory Board". KPFN has approached a couple folks in town, who we feel would represent the listening interests of the community as individuals who live here as well as a collected communal interest.

The program guide, or. the legends of each program will be out shortly. We like to think before the spring/summer schedule is out. AND!!! there has also been a lot of interest expressed with the out come of this particular schedule of events. We will wait and hear from you before we change anything. If the listening audience seems to care for what we have currently, we'll let it roll. And for sure, if we begin to get complaints right off the git-go, we'll definitely consider changing  what ever you don't like,,, to what ever you do. Within reason and staying in the same groove of course. There has been a lot of work, many, many years of work actually, that have gone into creating what we are about to present to Laytonville, Long Valley and the rest of the listening world via the WWW.

We are extremely proud of each individual host, programmer, engineer & volunteer listed in our first ever schedule of events. In fact EVERY show and host there of, is a volunteer as are each and every member of KPFN. There are NO paid anybodies!  As I stated a couple weeks ago, we are about two full weeks behind schedule. We are looking more like going live Dec. 1st, or there about. I like to think the schedule made it in this week's paper. If not, next week. I have to re-insert the need for more programmers. If you have ever at any time considered being on the radio for any reason at all, call us up and let us know. There is still a lot of hours in the course of a day, week or month. Doesn't have to be every week. We can schedule our world around your world. No matter when you would want to come on. Now's the time. The kids are gone, you haven't started that novel YET!! Try it out on radio.


Got a new show we just added recently, "Narrations" This should prove to be an interesting one. Backed with music, by the group" Lucid Nation". We are going to have folks like Edward James Olmos, John Trudell, Morgan Freeman, Charles Shaw and host of others reading the writings they have created over the years, from their vaults. A musical experimental adventure with spoken word, or. Vice-a-versa or,,,,,,what ever? Should prove to be pretty cool. I really want to thank this entire community for their more than gracious remarks this past week regarding the last article I submitted to this paper. It seemed to fit the moment. Thank you. We got a front door. One of our late night dj's came up with one claiming, "That's my radio station too!!!""" And she's right!  KPFN belongs to the entire community of who and where we are. I like to think in time KPFN will represent us in a musical format the entire world can relate to some day. When people hear certain things at certain times,,,, instantly they will be reminded of Laytonville, Long Valley and northern Mendocino.

Above and beyond the fact northern Mendocino ( geographically speaking), produces the highest quality of cannabis on the face of the earth! Everything required to produce what is needed for CBD's to "Become" what they are and what they do in the cancer eating end of things, are right here. Exact same clones grown here are more powerful and "Cleaner" than their sisters grown elsewhere with the exact same methods and soil and water. What is it? It's our air and the elevation and what ever else Jehovah gifted us with here. If it does it to the weed? Just think of what it's been doing to us! The music and the musicians we produce around here are "Par~Excellence" on a global scale. The least we can do is get'em some air play eh??
You're beautiful Laytonville, Rock-On!
Kevin Marsh/KPFN

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