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A Puffin's View of 2014


To answer everyone's question right off the bat. It's me. I am  the sole reason KPFN 105.1 is not on the air yet. I could sit and tell ya it's because of this guy or that guy or this didn't go right or someone else is doing something else wrong. But, bottom line. I did the decision making in the entire process and have no one to blame except for Kevin. Thank you all for hanging in with us through this.My biggest blunder was putting a date out there and missed it. My bad. All I can tell ya is.soon, very soon. Attach our antennae, stand the tower and hook up our EAS (early address system) and we should be good to go. Got a bunch of folks to thank for helping us get as far as we are currently.

2014 started out like gang busters, seriously. A bright energetic well trained board of directors that couldn't see eye to eye for love nor money so that was a failed attempt at the highest level. Beautiful people, don;t get me wrong. Everyone was just a little to "over" qualified to be in the same group. A little to much passion about being passionate. So we bumped heads and went our own ways, regrouped in our way and have worked out great every since. All are working together just fine and is actually a well oiled yet extremely loose operating group of concerned citizens.  KPFN has to step aside for a second and let some of our sponsors shine.We would like to thank the following. Everyone who came out during Kate Wolf weekend and bought some shirts and hung out at the post office. Thanks to Black Oak Ranch,Kate Wolf festival and Back Roads production for the recycle material that was donated after the gig. Between the T shirts and the recycle we were able to purchase our transmitter package.Gotta give it up to the Craw fish foundation and the Craw fish boil. "WHAT A PARTY"? This donation got us serious about putting together our own news service dept. and supplied the needed broadcasting equipment to do so. What I did was merge one grant with another. The Craw fish grant enabled us to purchase broadcast equipment for the news room. The Bill Graham Presents Memorial foundation grant we recently were awarded, will provide the much needed news "Gathering" field equipment.

KPFN extends a much appreciated acceptance of a letter of award from Dennis Hogan and the music dept. of the Laytonville High School. We are looking forward to the bond we are forging with the newly formed "Journalism" club at LHS. Members and students of this class will be the foundation to our news dept. and in high hopes of eventually handing this entire station over to the students and volunteer programmers,hosts and engineers. Real people powered radio by real people who will actually be in the station when you call during operating hours.


Rockstaray was out beating the bush's for donations and found a couple folks willing to part with a few bucks and I just want them to know they are appreciated, greatly appreciated. They got us our co-ax cable, our category 5 cable and connectors plus half of our new antennae. Lisa Carpenter got us a bad ass new front door and hard ware, Sign 1 Nine got us a Pergo floor and Fuzzy donated a ton of building materials, literally a ton. Mendo Mike donated a 15,000 sf wi-fi, Al J with 11' of vinyl (lp's). I really gotta give it up to this cat Dave Lippe. Dave came over while the studio and station was literally "in shambles". That transitional point in construction where you can't really tell if things are being put together or torn apart, thanks Dave. A big pat-on-da-back to Mike Craver and his trailer full of tools in putting our tower together. And to Harve at Weather top nursery for the trade on the tower. As program director and music coordinator for KPFN, it is not the cd's or records I am waiting to unleash on the air waves. It's the dreams and visions of 32 other programmers that are waiting patiently for me to get it together so they can come out and play. They are the ones that will carry this station in to the future and beyond. The stories and statements and visions they have is what I am all about to produce in the world of music. Them, what they have to say and to see and hear what is important to them and ultimately ,,,you. The listening audience. I want to thank every man, woman and child out there, for being the beautiful person that you are. If anyone was missed in the thanks sent out? I apologize to who ever that may be, it's a memory thing. I pray 2015 completes any and all hopes, dreams and aspirations you may have out there to bring you one with all that is. You are beautiful as well as loved just for being who you are, pretty cool. Thanks Laytonville,
you're the best.
Kevin Marsh/KPFN-105.1

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